My Personal Collection

Basically, I’ve settled on collecting any Dodger cards I can get.  When I was younger and knee deep in the hobby, I early on decided to basically forgo any attempts to collect sets or rookies or neat ideas like that because it was really easy to turn a Ken Griffey Jr. card into roughly a two inch stack of Dodgers if I found the right trade partner.  I’m basically sticking by this today…my “new” personal collection is going to consist of a few different parts:

  • Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodger Team Sets/Insert Sets for Any Set
  • My new TTM 1988 Dodgers Signatures on 1989 Topps Cardboard aka The Quest
  • Possibly Topps flagship complete sets?  Maybe Heritage but with all the SP’s it’s getting tough to justify.  Maybe just strictly Dodgers from now on?

Currenly since inching my way back into the hobby a year or so ago I have pretty much decided that I was going to stick with making sets of each Topps flagship release each year and also the product that really drew me back into the hobby, Topps Heritage.  I saw the 09 Topps Heritage previews and they just looked so sweet…the idea of Kershaw and Kemp on 1960’s style cardboard just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Back in the day, I made the foolish attempt to collect any cards of any Dodger: past, present, and future.  Future you say?  How could I possibly know?  I’m not sure…but I think via my brother I ended up with a Tim Wallach rookie stash that I kept just “knowing” that he would one day be in blue.  My instincts over the years have been uncanny in regards to this speculation.  I’m not a prophet or anything but I knew that Mark Grudzielanek would end up a Dodger.  I’m no Kreskin, but Greg Maddux becoming a Dodger not once but twice was basically a called Ruthian shot.  However, I’m not going to continue this…the idea of collecting non-Dodger cards doesn’t really appeal to me at all so I’m going to stick with just Dodger cards aside from the complete sets mentioned above that I’d like to collect each year…plus this makes it a lot easier then trying to get a hold of Eddie Murray or Frank Robinson rookie cards and the like just because at one time they were Dodgers.

  1. I am a serious dodger card collector w/ a wantlist and an extensive tradelist

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