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Call me crazy but…

I’m not exactly stoked over Allen and Ginter.  I like my baseball cards to feature…ya know…baseball players from time to time.  I get the inclusion of a few obscure atheletes and celebrities here and there but watching the break going on over at Nachos Grande has me feeling a bit relieved that I missed the boat on that one…the hits they’ve opened are all either 1.  Former Chicago Cubs featured as Chicago Cubs or 2.  Everyone Gets a Shot Randoms like Michael Phelps.  Phelps is cool, I get that.  Short prints and/or hits of video game master Fatal!ty and a strongman?  Blech.

That being said I’ll happily take any 2012 (or any year for that matter) Allen and Ginter Dodgers off your hands!  I mean look at some of these just beautful cards featured in this post at Card Raven for examples of when Allen and Ginter absolutely gets it right…pure elegance, indeed.  So conflicted…but at least it’s not National Chicle or Goudey which I completely despise.

In other news, my first Listia loot came in today.  I signed up and got a bunch of credits for free and a few weeks later finally won something (I haven’t been paying that much attention) and managed to score a 1982 Donruss Steve Garvey.  I’m pretty psyched…it was absolutely free.  Listia isn’t even spamming my free e-mail alias I used to sign up!

1982 Donruss Steve Garvey

Check him out…what a man’s man.  Wait…what is wrong with his arm in this picture?  He looks like Benny the cab driver from the original Total Recall after he takes off his fake arm!

Benny from Total Recall

Folks this just goes to show you that NOTHING in Hollywood is original.  /smh and giving up