Trade Day

Robert over at $30 a Week Habit recently posted some 2014 Topps Series 1 results and I was able to stake a claim for a 2014 red sparkly parallel Puig card…which is a rare feat in my experience blogging since there are seemingly hundreds of Dodger bloggers and most are usually quicker on the draw than myself.  However, this time I won the race and Robert and I quickly worked out a trade for some Blue Jay parallels and a few days later this beauty arrived in the mail:


Uh oh.  It’s every traders worst nightmare.  The mangled plain white envelope.  I’m glad the USPS took the time to write on the envelope that it arrived at my zip code in this condition…in a related story, this man is wanted for questioning:


The good news is that no cookies were contained in the package therefore these cards arrived unmolested:

tradeday2 tradeday3

Thanks so much for the trade Robert…I was looking over your serial project and I think maybe I can help out there too!

In other news I finally got into a 2014 Topps group break.  This one was provided by rkcollectibles via their eBay business and although it was more than I ideally wanted to spend, I made out pretty nicely.  How nicely?  Stay tuned for that update, it will be wordy and feature lots of pictures of cards that will likely only impress me…but hey if you can’t have a little self-indulgence in a blog then exactly what is a blog good for anyway?  =)

Enjoy your burrito,

Thomas aka Dodgers88

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