Long Cold Winter…

It’s been a while.

Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and months turn into a half year hiatus.  I do that from time to time.  Life is constantly evolving.

In the time since we last spoke, a lot has happened.  Some good.  Some evil.  But always changing.

I was looking for Puig cards, hardcore last time I blogged.  I have finally managed to get a few, almost entirely due to the kindness of my brother who is for some reason a Red Sox fan.  Some of his side of the family moved up to Maine in the early 1990’s and the guy has been confused ever since.  He might even have been a Sox fan before that time…I just don’t know with this guy he’s clearly a little off but he has a good heart and when I received a call asking me to come meet him a couple weeks before my birthday last August I was a little worried.  What was up?  Family issues?  Work trouble?  Did he need a kidney?

Nope.  He was heading up to Maine to visit and wanted to drop this off before he was gone:

Hello, Mr. Puig!

I never expected him to scoop up one of these for me, as I know he didn’t go to the National convention or wherever it was distributed.  He knew a guy who knows a guy kind of thing, I believe.  Anyway, my first ever Puig card and it’s pretty cool and safe to assume I’d never own one normally as I don’t spend a lot of singles and usually avoid Gypsy Queen like the plague.  What a way to start off August!

Here’s what happened next:

Then the Dodgers made the playoffs, Yes!  The Dodgers beat the Braves 3-1 and looked unstoppable, Yes!
Then they ran into the freaking Cardinals.  Ugh.  What a series…said nobody ever.
Mattingly was finally extended.  Kershaw was right behind him.  Kemp was dangled.
In the end, the team is going to remain largely intact from 2013 with a few key additions and subtractions with my thoughts…use a Bert Healey voice when reading the bold headlines:

Dodgers sign Dangerous Danny Haren!  I feel like this is a pretty good signing with Billingsley and Beckett very unknown quantities heading into spring training.
Ricky Nolasco Bolts for the Twin cities!  Good.  I don’t think he was worth going four years and he pitched well for us but eh…I just felt like we could’ve found another starter much cheaper.
Belisario non-tendered.  Lands in the windy city!  I was a little shocked by this one, with as much as Ned seems to stock up on bullpen arms.  However, I’d rather see him go now before his arm falls off in May or June…he’s been workhorse but I had the feeling he was pitching hurt and certainly didn’t look as good as previous years.
Brian Wilson re-signs with Dodgers!  This shocked me as well since I thought he’d certainly leave for a multi-year deal to close somewhere else after his performance for us in 2013.  Very happy to see this.  Still surprised.
Jerry Hairston hangs up his cleats!  Another shocker…usually guys hang on as long as they can, especially when they have that utility role where they can play for years and years…Jamey Carroll anyone?  I was always surprised when I would read that he was reluctant to play third base since everyone seemed to think that 1. he could handle it and 2. he’d have a decent shot at starting full time after the 2012 wasteland that was Juan Uribe and company.
Juan Uribe gets multi-year deal to continue being Juan Uribe!  This was my first “dammit Ned” moment of the off season.  I am happy he performed decently last year and bounced back to help the team…but at the same time I can’t understand for the life of me giving him two years and fifteen million dollars.
Mark Ellis scampers to the NL Champs!  I was a little disappointed to see Ellis leave, I think he would’ve been great insurance in case Alex Guerrero needs some seasoning in the minors…which I think he most certainly will.
J.P. Howell loves L.A. and elects to re-sign!  This is a Ned move that I totally expected…but again I thought he’d do the same with Bellisario!  Instead…
Dodgers sign smoking Chris Perez!  OK now it all makes sense…Ned wasn’t done with bullpen arms…he just preferred funding horticulturist pet lovin’ Chris Perez!
Dodgers sign host of insurance arms and bats including Figgins, Olivo, Maholm, and Wright!  I’d prefer we kept Capuano.  He was a great swing man in the past couple years and I really think he would’ve been fine.  His performance against the Braves in the playoffs alone should have warranted a pick up on his option…instead he gets banished!  Ned’s tough love!

So here we are.  Pitchers and catchers reported over the weekend due to the Australia games.

Here’s some other cool Puig cards my brother is also responsible for…this time for Christmas I had a blaster box of update with the chrome bonus cards in it:

Is it a real rookie card? Don’t know. Don’t care. It’s awesome!puig3

So yeah in short…it’s been a long, cold winter.  My brother is the best.  The Dodgers new dynasty began over the weekend in spring training.  I’m optimistic and hopeful of pulling some good Dodgers if I can ever manage to get them in a group break here and there this year.

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