In Pursuit of Puig

Yasiel Puig has swept the nation.  We all knew it in spring training.  You all know it now.  He’s sparked life in what was an otherwise lifeless offense and inspired play with his own unsustainable offensive assault and the resultant hot streaks of guys like Hanley Ramirez.  It’s been a fun couple of weeks after a pretty dismal first couple of months.  We will see where it goes.  In the meantime, I consulted with some fellow Dodger collectors on twitter and found out that Puig had some inserts in Bowman 2013.  So the pursuit began…

But first…some series 2 to share.  Picked up a Jumbo Hobby Box hoping to score something amazing, or maybe one of the seven hundred Dodgers super short prints that Topps decided to curse me with…


Ryu Rookie and Hanley Sweet Shot

Not as many Dodgers in Series 2 but some nice cards.  I really like the Ryu rookies I’ve found in the flaghship set and Archives so far…and this is a pretty sweet shot of Hanley throwing the bat after a bomb.  I did pull some pretty cool inserts and parallels, including a few Dodgers like this:

newdodgers2  newdodgers5

My hits were nothing spectacular in the Jumbo unfortunately, but there was this which made it pretty cool:


My second ever 1/1…but it’s a person I’ve never heard of…however even guys I’ve never heard of seem to be doing OK on eBay so maybe I will do OK there and raise some funds.

Finally, back to my original pursuit of Puig.  I’ve bought more Bowman than I care to remember and pulled quite a few nice cards but nothing from Yasiel.  Not at Top 100 insert.  Not a Bowman Chrome Mini or parallel of any sort, and certainly not a Red Hot Redemption which seems like about the same odds of pulling as winning the Powerball.  However, I did get a Dodger hit which is always a nice treat:


A sticker auto but a sticker auto of a Dodger who actually is STILL a Dodger is always nice.  In fact, it might be my only “current Dodger” autograph as I don’t have any others I can immediately recall.

Until next time, the pursuit continues.  Oh yeah, no 2013 Series 2 Short Prints that I’ve found either…but I guess the 1/1 more than makes up for that!  I also have a trade in the works for a SP Adrian Gonzalez so I am confident it will all work out in the end.

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