Redemption Monday – You Take The Good, You Take The Bad…

You take there rest and then you have a replacement Topps Redemption!

In my stack of old cards I have been sorting through, where the aforementioned Marquee Derek Holland Museum was found, I also found a Topps High Number Redemption for a Real One Raul Ibanez.  Not super excited but still happy it hadn’t expired, I put it in the magic computer and look what came back!

Topps Replacement Redemption Letter

Yup…apparently they’d already ditched their stock of Raul Ibanez Real One Autographs from the 2009 set.  Instead, they sent me this:

Bowman Sterling 2010 Jason Heyward Auto

I’m pretty conflicted.  I collect the Heritage sets for a reason…I love the old-timey cardboard and the on-card autographs, so even though I’m not a Raul Ibanez fan by any means, it is somewhat disappointing to get this as a replacement.  From a pure monetary standpoint I probably did better, as I am not sure about the Raul Ibanez Real One but I’d guess it’s nowhere near the $50 book value on the Heyward.  Plus I imagine the market for Heyward collectors is about ten times that of Raul Ibanez, especially considering it’d be a card for a team he doesn’t even play for anymore…

Anyone have a comparable Dodger for trade?!?  As always, the Heyward is available!

One of these days I’ll get around to updating my trade haves and wants…today probably isn’t that day however!

Have a week!



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