Bring out your dead…

In what very well could have been a team of Walking Dead, the Dodgers were no-hit last night by a combined six Seattle  pitchers.  Unreal.  Somebody posted that we were no-hit in 1981 and had a perfect game pitched against us in 1988.  I’ll take the long-term results with the short-term sorrow if this turns out to be some sort of binding precedent.

Eovaldi escapes with a no-decision on the night of the no-hitter.

Nathan Eovaldi looked pretty good once again…talk about a hard luck case, he’s gotten absolutely no run support (to be fair it’s debatable if ANY starting pitcher on this team has either)…I can only restate what the Mariners announcers were describing on the XM feed I was listening to while running some late night errands but it doesn’t seem like Eovaldi has command over anything except his fastball.  This is pretty concerning, but again it’s all slanted play-by-play from the Mariners announcers.  He seems to have a bit of a penchant for getting out of jams though, which I dig…but at the same time I feel like it’s only a matter of time until he gets torched.  Let’s hope I’m just being paranoid.

According to there’s only two known Eovaldi rookie cards out there (To this day I am still confused as to what actually warrants a rookie card or not and whether or not that MLB-approved RC logo has anything to do with the matter) and they are both Bowman Draft Pick 2011’s, one regular and one chrome.  One thing I have noticed with this years releases is there seems to be a lot of Eovadi autographed cards out there so I am hopeful that I will be able to secure some of those soon:

Eovaldi Certified Auto – Topps Gypsy Queen 2012

In other news, I’m back.  I will be updating with some haves/wants later and re-focusing my collection efforts.  I am somewhat conflicted because I’d like to only collect Dodgers, end of list.  However, the pack animal inside of me wants to bust boxes and packs which is largely wasted if I’m only keeping a card or two per pack at best.  That’s why originally I intended to set build Heritage and Topps flagship sets but the more I think about that the less enthused I am as well.  Conflicted.

In the meantime, I have signed up for several group breaks which have worked out nicely when I can guarantee Dodgers, even if I miss out on the hits as was the case with the recent break over at The Daily Dimwit.

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