Group Break Results – A Couple Nice Hits


Break Loot

I’m going on a couple weeks now without a TTM success for my 1988 Dodgers Project, so I haven’t had much reason to update.  However, that’s not to say that things are not in motion.  Yes, things are certainly in motion and the plan is in effect.  What plan you might ask?  Who knows…but I’m confident that as soon as I devise one it will be in motion and things will be moving.  Always got to keep moving.  Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride, ain’t nobody gonna slow me down.

I did partake in an online group break last week and the results arrived today in the mail from Joe Collector.  Joe has a nice blog where he does monthly breaks and I decided to give it a shot hoping for something better than my last results (random group break, San Diego Padres, no hits) which was almost an absolute worst case scenario for random team assignments and hits in a group break.  This time I did much, much better.  The break was 15 spots, two teams per spot, of five boxes of 2009 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection.  This was started right after Ultimate hit the scene earlier this month and seemed to fill up quickly so maybe Joe will do it again soon.  I got the Phillies and Cardinals as my random teams which from what I had found online both had some pretty tasty hits.  Despite a couple of trade offers, including the Pittsburgh Pirates which have jumbo Clemente relics in this set, I held firm because I figure any hits I got I could trade for Dodger hits anyway.  I ended up with two of the five big hits so I was pretty happy.   The other hits are on his site, I remember a Rick Porcello auto and a jumbo Hanley Ramirez patch but can’t think of the other one.  All in all very impressed.  Joe shipped them quickly and safely, and I now have additional trade fodder for more Dodger goodness.  If you are looking to partake in an online group break I suggest checking with Joe Collector, he’s a standup guy…although getting in to his monthly group breaks seems pretty rough as they tend to fill up quickly from what I have seen.  Speaking of trades, I am working on getting trade haves and wants posted.  Pretty much any hit I’ve shown here is for trade, as well as basically any non-Dodgers base or inserts, etc.  I just have so many cards to go through the task is one I just haven’t had the energy to continue with so that’s why I haven’t posted any trade lists or what not yet.  I do have some compiled, somewhere, maybe for Heritage and others.

I also need to shout out to Night Owl for hooking me up with a metric ton of Dodger extras…I think I didn’t have roughly 85% of the cards he sent me and he spent nearly ten bucks shipping them to me without even asking for anything in return.  He didn’t even Bip me!  I also received a big eBay Dodger lot with a couple nice cards I will post about next when I give Night Owl his due later this week.  Thanks a lot Greg, the cards are very, very appreciated and I will get you back something uber very soon.  As those who are deemed too fat to fly say, have a week.


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  1. Very nice hits.

    Glad you needed so many Dodgers. My dupes box is lighter, but it’s filling back up again!

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