TTM Success (and failure) – Two Howells Are Better Than One!

I recieved two returns in the mail this week.  It started off bad and got much better.  First I got a return to sender from Franklin Stubbs known “good” North Carolina address.  The recipient kindly repacked my envelope in another and restamped and sent it with the written note “doesn’t live here, I don’t have an address”…so they managed to save me stamps and also tacked on nearly a dollar out of their own pocket to send it back!  The kindness of complete strangers continues to amaze me…

A Tale of Two Siggys

My other return I recieved today in the mail and was my lone piece of correspondence waiting for me in the mailbox today…it was that brief feeling of euphoria and excitement that comes with seeing your own hand written SASE…and then the sheer Christmas-like joy of ripping it open that continues to fuel my desire to send out more of these.  Jay Howell not only returned my 1989 Topps for my project but also included his own signed 1991 Topps Dodger card to boot!  Jay Howell, class act I say.  His signature is pretty sweet.  Apparently he liked my note…I’ve tried really hard not to embelish or downright lie about my appreciation for the players from each request I send out.  In Mr. Howell’s case it was easy beacause he was so good.  I think it must have been really cool to shut down the team that traded him away in the previous offseason…especially one where he was stuck behind Eckersley for who knows how long without ever getting a shot to close.  Anyway, what a day…now I’m stuck with seriously considering the 1990 Dodgers/1991 Topps cards as my next TTM project!  Thanks again Jay!

As I promised I just prepared five more outgoing TTM requests for the project to go along with a re-assembled request for Mr. Franklin Stubbs.  I figure it’s a good time to start going for spring training requests so I’m going to knock those out as I get returns.  So far this experiment has been more rewarding than any collecting venture or hobby I’ve ever done…and to think I’ve only recieved two successes and one return to sender thus far!  I guess it doesn’t hurt when your first return was from Fernando freaking Valenzuela and your second was the closer of the 1988 World Series Champions!


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