TTM Success – Fernando Valenzuela

Fernandomania Strikes!

Unreal.  It’s been exactly one week (ONE!) since I sent my first set of TTM requests out and I already got my first response today.  Not exactly the one I thought would get back to good old West Virginia first, mind you.  I assumed I would probably hear back from one of the ones going to Ohio or other closer states but no…today I opened my mailbox to find a glorious return and a fitting one for my first ever TTM success:  Fernando Valenzuela!

I first found the envelope and got really excited…see Mr. Steve Sax also has a California address and I saw the postmark went through Los Angeles…so my hopes were high I’d have a sweet signature from my favorite player of all-time but I was not disappointed at all to find this beautiful piece of work alone and undamaged in my return envelope.  I can see why people really get into this TTM hobby…it’s painfully addictive…I’ve been plotting my second wave of Dodgers to send out all night and I am ready to subscribe to right now to get a better array of addresses and be able to share my success with even more people than the ten or so that read this blog…and one of those is my wife!  Thanks for the support, honey!

One of the interesting things about this card now that I have more closely examined the signature…it appears that Fernando marked through the Topps logo on the front.  I’m not sure if it is a part of his signature or an intentional “diss” on the Topps Company…maybe there is a story there or maybe I will just make one up!  Either way that’s one down…twenty five or so more to go.

Thanks again, Mr. Valenzuela!


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  1. I think I recall seeing that he has done that to most Topps cards.

  2. Fernando did that to my card when he signed it, as well. He’s done it with lots of others, too. But there are other times that he hasn’t.

    I’ve never heard why he does that.

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