The First Transport is Away!

Finally, after roughly a week of sitting on my desk…my first batch of TTM requests for my 88 Dodgers 1989 Topps TTM Project is on the way!  I have a feeling which one I will get back first, strictly due to geography, but we’ll hold that back for (hopefully) when I can post again about my first TTM success!

The First Batch Is Away!

In other news my pseudo-new local card shop had now failed me for the last time.  Despite having posted business hours I’ve now attempted to stop in during said normal business hours twice in two weeks and no dice.  I wrote off the first time because the weather we had was fairly bad and could keep small shop owners at home…but today there’s no excuse.  It was a decent shop but really just a cases on demand type of shop for big customers (I still wonder why they couldn’t have just done that on their own) and didn’t have much of a pack selection or singles collection to show…but in this case all I needed was some crucial supplies to store the mountain of unsorted cards that have overtaken my desk.  Tomorrow I will try at a far better resource in Fairmont if time between work stops permits…so hopefully my cards will be one step closer to organization and I will be one step closer to posting accurate trade wants and haves soon!

In other news somehow the Cincinnati Reds scraped up enough cash to sign Aroldis Chapman, the Seahawks gave Pete Carroll an offer he couldn’t refuse, and Mark McGwire finally came pseudo-clean about doing steroids for most of his career.  What’s that you say?  Mark McGwire did steroids?  Now you’re telling me not one, not one, not one, but both of the Bash Brothers were doing ,’roids and blasting homers for most of their careers?  Say it ain’t so, Joe!  I am shocked, sir.  I guess you really didn’t want to talk about the past for a reason.  /end sarcasm

OK, but seriously…like I said in my Hall of Fame post a week ago, I’d vote for McGwire now just like I would have before his “shocking” admission today to the Associated Press.  My theory with the steroid era of baseball is to assume they all were on steroids and reward those who were the best with a spot in the Hall of Fame.  There’s no need to ahem, mark, his admission with an asterisk or disclaimer…because see we all already know when he played…you know…the steroid era.  Is it fair to guys who are clean?  Yes and no.  Yes because they are fairly publicly known and will probably be graciously “rewarded” by the BBWAA with a first ballot ticket to the Hall of Fame.  Congratulations Mr. Griffey and Mr. Maddux!  For those with question marks (Barry Bonds has never tested positive you know!  It’s all conjecture and here say!  Clemens never got shot up by Brian McNamee!) they still get in and we all know they didn’t do it on their own and I’m fine with that.  However, I do ask this…who has done more damage to the precious image and integrity of Major League Baseball…Pete Rose and his gambling addiction or the ridiculous percentage of players who tested positive during the steroid era of baseball?  I’m just saying, I’m all about forgiving and moving on with the steroid players so long as they do the same with the gamblers too.

Oh yeah, Topps National Chicle is still going to suck.  Bazinga!


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