1988 Dodgers Team Post #1: Steve Sax

Steve Sax is my favorite Dodger of all-time and I am not too ashamed to admit it.  No, I’m not saying he’s the greatest…but growing up as a pretty scrawny kid he was the scrappy sort of contact hitting and stolen base kind of infielder I envisioned I could one day become.  I was wrong…but Sax remained my favorite ever since.

Sax crossed my path many, many times in my prime baseball youth years.  He was on a really cool poster in my fourth grade class which my teacher sold me for three bucks during a big poster sale event he had mid-year.  Oh how I wish I still had that poster…it was Sax looking all too cool for school in front of a ZZ Top-esque hot rod.  I didn’t even know it was Sax until later in the year when I confirmed it with my teacher.  My hero had been silently keeping watch over me all year long.  1988 Topps was my first collecting set and I think I collected pretty regularly up until about 1994/1995 when high school came around…but in 1988 the Dodgers shocked the world and beat the A’s in the World Series and everything was right with the world.  A year or two later my brother’s girlfriend attempted to win my approval with a 1988 Donruss Steve Sax baseball card…when she asked who my favorite player was she said he was also her favorite player.  The next time I saw her she brought me the card and I told my brother to marry her right then and there.  That didn’t work out either but my love for all things Sax continued…

Until he abandoned the Dodgers and signed a lucrative free agent contract with the New York Yankees.  The Yankees.  Unreal.  I wasn’t bitter long though and continued collecting Sax cards while he was with the Yankees, White Sox, and I just might have a few Oakland A’s cards laying around here.  Sax continued to show up at odd times like in the classic Simpson’s episode “Homer at the Bat”.

I never got to see or hear Koufax, Drysdale, Robinson, Hodges, Robinson, Snider, Campanella, Reese, or Podres play.  Later in life I’d live and die with Piazza, Karros, Butler, Mondesi, Nomo, and the next generation of Dodgers that continue to come down the line.  However, nothing will ever compare with the Dodger fever I experienced as a kid dreaming of Topps Rack Packs and bubblegum in the Summer and Fall of 1988…that’s where my trip began and it’s where we’ll kick off this experiment as well.

Here are a few of my prized Steve Sax Dodger cards, including the infamous Jennifer Jordan 1988 Donruss bribe.  I am preparing his TTM request for the 1988 Dodgers project and will update as I have them:

Favorite Steve Sax Dodger Cards


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