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Inspired by another blog, Balkfour, I have decided to finally get around to working on this blog.  I thought I’d kick it off with my collecting goals for the new year…because there is really just one:

  • Obtain, TTM, the autographs of every surviving member of the 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers World Championship team on their 1989 Topps base set cards

I stopped at my not so local card shop that keeps a veritable archive of junk wax on hand and with the owners help we found two copies of every 1989 Topps Dodger that was on the 1988 World Series team.  Why the 1989 set?  After taking a look it appears that the most success for members of the team to appear on Dodger cards appears in that set.  The 1988 set has a lot of players that didn’t make the team the whole way through and even with the traded set add ons would have been a few cards shy of the sheer number available from the 1989 Topps set.  Upper Deck 1989 was a close second, but after much debate I decided to keep it real and go with the Topps.  1988 Topps was the first set I began collecting and I have many of the Dodger cards from this era but I decided to buy the new copies to use since I have never done anything TTM before and I honestly don’t want to send anything I got from a wax pack 20 years ago into the void.

Cardboard Acquired!


So I’m home now and I shall begin my journey…I jokingly told the shop owners and my wife that I think the project upon completion will break the curse that has made the 1988 team the last Dodgers team to bring home the world championship.  I’m only half-joking though…because maybe, just maybe, this will work.

I figure I’ve got a good nine months to get as much as I can done until the playoffs…now to figure out how to send stuff like this through the mail and start tracking down the whereabouts of the 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers.  Unfortunately, Mike Sharperson is no longer with us and there is no 1989 Topps Jose Gonzalez card…but aside from that I should be able to get the other 23 members plus Tommy Lasorda from the 1988 team.  Thanks to Nite Owl for hooking me up with a list of all the Dodgers on the 1988 World Series roster…the box scores and other sources only gave me about 22 solid names to work with…here is who I am after:

Dave Anderson, Tim Belcher, Mike Davis, Rick Dempsey, Kirk Gibson, Alfredo Griffin, Jeff Hamilton, Mickey Hatcher, Danny Heep, Orel Hershiser, Brian Holton, Ken Howell, Tim Leary, Mike Marshall, Jesse Orosco, Alejandro Pena, Steve Sax, Mike Scioscia, John Shelby, Franklin Stubbs, John Tudor, Tracy Woodson


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